Project at Spencer St. Longmont, CO 80501

From distressed to freshly painted house…



Longmont ranch home that was not treated the best by the tenants was purchased off the MLS, fully renovated and sold to a veteran and their family.




This home had been a rental for a long time. The out of state landlord sellers took advantage of the hot Colorado market and sold the home as is without managing a huge renovation from afar. The house needed re-grading and a heavy renovation to bring it up to it’s full glory.


The home went through a heavy remodel. Renovation costs were more than expected, as often happens. In this case we new we needed to re-grade the lot to ensure proper drainage in the future. This was more expensive than expected but the big surprise was that the back porch patio that was severely cracked was a solid 2 feet of concrete rather than the hollow form poured concrete builders normally use. 45 tons of concrete and demo were taken off site which cost a pretty penny and a lot of labor taking that huge cracked concrete patio off the back of the home. Makaela project managed and along with Dewayne and his crew did the renovation, they picked out a great contemporary design for the home. The home got all new finishes from the dry wall up with custom design and craftsmanship. The house also got a new roof, gutters and repaired siding and exterior trim. The home was bought for cash and closed quickly to meet the sellers needs. Later a private lender invested in a 1st trust deed on the home at a fixed interest rate on the advice of her priest who grew up in the area. The purchase price was $230,000, renovations were $66,500 and the home was sold for $352,500.

Take a look at the before and after photos of this property.














Brand new flooring


This property was newly remodeled! And was a success all around for everyone.

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